Drug and Alcohol Screening

We offer a range of workplace drug and alcohol testing services. At Stellar Health Solutions our Drug and Alcohol Testers are accredited in HLTPAT005 – Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing. This course complies with the requirements as defined by Australian Standards AS 3547:1997 (breath testing devices), AS 4760:2006 (oral fluid) and AS/NZS 4308:2008 (urine).

Onsite Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

Stellar Health Solutions will coordinate for an Accredited Drug and Alcohol Tester to attend your workplace to perform urine or saliva drug and breath alcohol testing. The selection of employees to be tested will be randomised to ensure a fair approach. Testing is non-disruptive and discrete in the workplace.

On Call Incident and/or Suspicion Testing

Stellar Health Solutions offer an on-call drug and alcohol testing service for employers to access after an incident / accident or when suspicion testing is required.

In Clinic Drug and Alcohol Testing

Book a drug and alcohol test through our clinic, or include it in a pre-employment medical.

Fitness for Work Determination

Have our doctors make a determination about an employee’s fitness for work (and relevant restrictions) following a non-negative drug or positive breath alcohol result.

Non-negative Test Results

When a candidate returns a non-negative drug test result, their specimen is packaged and transported to our affiliate NATA accredited laboratory for GCMS confirmation. Laboratory evaluation of the specimen (saliva or urine) is required in order to quantify the level of metabolites of a particular drug class. Once these levels have been quantified, it is then that they can be compared against the cut-off levels defined within the Australian Standards.

GCMS confirmation testing is performed on a per drug class basis. This means that should the instant drug test result return a non-negative for multiple drug classes, multiple GCMS confirmations may be required. GCMS confirmation tests are an additional charge that should be considered when organising workplace drug testing programs.

It should be noted that not all non-negative results are related to illicit drug use. At times, prescription and over the counter medications may trigger a non-negative drug test result. However, laboratory confirmation testing will be able to identify whether the non-negative result is a consequence of legitimate therapeutic use of a declared medication.