Laboratory and Health Surveillance

This proactive type of testing offers many benefits for both your organisation and employees.

Benefits of Health Monitoring:

· early detection of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer

· improved workplace morale and culture

· reduced absenteeism

· improved staff retention

· increased productivity

Here at Stellar Health Solutions, we firmly believe in risk-based assessments in individuals where there is strong evidence based medical research to support the performance of screening tests in individuals.

For employees

· Can identify health issues employees may not be aware of

· Leads to feelings of positivity towards your company – your staff feel valued

For employers

· Improves staff productivity and staff job satisfaction

· Reduces staff absenteeism due to illness

Health Surveillance packages can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation.

·General Health Check -to determine an employee’s general health risk factors.

·Expanded General Check-Up – also includes vitamin and further biochemical testing.

·Full Pathology Health Screen – comprehensive health screen incorporating multiple investigations.

·Chest Xray – baseline assessment or for

· Discussion regarding further screening such as bowel cancer (Bowel Screening Kits can be provided to employees over 50 years of age)

· A letter will be provided for the employee’s own doctor so that on-going follow up is facilitated if required.

· Health Monitoring Programs following SafeWork Guidelines

Stellar Health Solutions has contractual agreements with SA Pathology and Dr. Jones & Partners Medical Imaging. Our affiliate laboratory is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) to AS ISO 15189-2013 providing confidence that all testing and results are of the highest quality, regularly audited, and continually meet rigorous standards.