Pre-employment Medicals

Our promise and guarantee:

· Best value offering in the market

· A business solution focused on workplace health – not an add on to a GP or Medical Centre

· Same or very next day appointments and reporting of medical results

· All assessments completed in the one visit

· Results returned electronically – no paper no fuss


At Stellar Health Solutions we have a multi-level approach to pre-employment medical assessments – ranging from basic essential health assessments to more in-depth or tailored pre-employment medical services. We are also able to complete business supplied medical templates.


Our services allow you to customise your assessment to best suit your business risks and meet legislative requirements.

· Height, Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI)

· Medical History Questionnaire

· Vision Screening (Near, Distance and Colour)

· Audiogram (Screening Assessment)

· Abdominal Examination

· Cardiovascular/Lung Examination

· Neurological Examination

· Skin Examination

· Urinalysis

· Hand Grip Dynamometry

· Mental Health Questionnaire

· Epworth Sleep Questionnaire

· Spirometry Assessment (Lung Function Testing)

· Urine Drug and Alcohol Screening (Instant and Laboratory Based)

· Saliva Drug Screening (Instant and Laboratory Based)

· Alcohol Breath Testing

· Functional Capacity Assessments

· Manual Handling Assessment

· Static Electrocardiogram (ECG)

· Cardiovascular Fitness Test

· Musculoskeletal Screen

· Range of Motion

· Imaging Referral Services: X-Ray

· Blood Pathology Services